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Massage in Brighton

Massage in Brighton | Pampered Panda Mobile Massage Therapy

What happens during my treatment?

The beauty of being a mobile therapist is that I bring the massage treatment to you! As a mobile therapist operating in the Brighton & Hove area, all you need to do is book a treatment and let me take care of the rest.  We offer a range of treatments so we can find the right service for you.  If you’re not sure what to book, check out our services.

After setting up my equipment, I will ask you to complete a personalised consultation form.  This is to ensure I can offer you the highest quality massage, individually tailored to your needs. Then I will ask you to sample and select your chosen massage oil to be used during your treatment.  We have a great selection of oils, each with a different benefit.

I will then give you some privacy whilst you make yourself comfortable on the massage table. A massage can be done fully clothed, but for the best results you should remove all clothing except for underpants, and lay face down on the massage table, fully covered by the towels and blankets provided.

The treatment will then take place, you are welcome to drift off and dream of sunny Sussex beaches, and I will gently inform you when the time has come to return to reality.

Lastly, I will leave to allow you to redress, before then taking you through some aftercare advice, to ensure you get the most out of your treatment.  Get your massage in Brighton today!


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